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How It Works

How it works…

CogsThinking outside the box, PAWSynergy has a different approach to generating revenue. Using a suite of tools and resources, combined with the proven effectiveness of affiliate marketing, we’ve engineered something quite unique. It’s point and click simple. No technical skills need, nothing to sell nor support, with a clear mission that motivates everyone. No matter where you are in the world, what you do for a living, you can do this…

Anyone can do this!

PAWSynergy Rocket Scientist

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist…

All you need is an email address and don’t mind some extra cash!

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Which of these apply to you PAWStranger?

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Which of these apply to you [MM_Member_Data name=’firstName’]?


Is this you?

Animal Lover?

 Animal Lovers


Need Extra Cash?

 Making money



 Student Debt


Stay-At-Home Parent?

 Stay at home mums


Employment Seeker?

 Job seekers


Employed But Broke?

 Broke business people


Business Owner?

 Revenue Streams


Super Affiliate?

 Super affiliates





Shelter Manager?

 Shelter Managers

No matter where you are in the world, or what you do for a living…


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You can do this PAWStranger!

Go for it!

Free to join

Create your user account!

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You can do this [MM_Member_Data name=’firstName’]!

Go for it!

How can you get involved?


Use the various tools & resources…

Tools & Resources

Help create more PAWSynergy…

Creating Synergy

Follow the Seven Steps To PAWSynergy…


Your efforts help speed up animal adoptions!


Your affiliate stats!

We track all your stats in real time…


Your Cash

You get cash via PayPal!


Join The Community

Join the community!



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Don’t just sit there PAWStranger… DO something!

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Don’t just sit there [MM_Member_Data name=’firstName’]… DO something!


  • No tech skills required…

  • Nothing to buy nor sell…NO Donations

  • We don’t ask for donations…

  • No sales hype and/or baloney…

  • Nothing to service nor support…

  • We never send you any SPAM…

  • This has nothing to do with MLM…


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What’s in it for you PAWStranger?

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What’s in it for you [MM_Member_Data name=’firstName’]?



You get loads of stuff…


Show me how!More money!

Earn money while you learn…


Online Marketing

The latest marketing techniques…


Social Media

How to benefit from social media…


Position Your Brand

Promote YOUR products & services…


Get results!

Get more orders, sales and bookings...


Revenue StreamsMore money!
Create additional revenue streams…


Make Money Online

Full-time job or just some extra cash…


Networking SocialsCalendar

Productive business networking!

Is this you?

The Bottom Line…


Rescued pets find homes faster!

       Residual revenue

Help us generate residual revenue for animal shelters…

“Better to light a candle for one lost dog than to curse the darkness,
of man’s indifference. Saving just one dog won’t change the world,
but it surely will change the world for that one dog.” – Richard C. Call

PAWSynergy - Sad

PAWSynergy - Glad!


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Together we can make a difference PAWStranger!

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Together we can make a difference [MM_Member_Data name=’firstName’]!


PAWSynergyPAWSynergy is a global initiative with local effectiveness. Once you understand our mission, it becomes clear as to what we do and why we exist. PAWSynergy is not a company, but rather a collective of people who make it all possible. Using a variety of ways to reach animal lovers all over the world, we generally appeal to those wishing to build a better financial future for themselves, while at the same time helping homeless cats and dogs find home. To understand how it works, please absorb the various presentations, follow our footprints and emulate successful affiliates. Of course, feel free to use all the the tools and resources at your disposal to help create more PAWSynergy.

Herby Olschewski

We welcome your active participation here.

Herby Olschewski

Founder & CEO


Let’s create more PAWSynergy…

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Creating SynergySign Up Now

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Creating SynergyHow can you get involved?



We’d like to see you on this list of Top Affiliates…

Top AffiliatesWe offer individuals and companies an easy way to earn extra money. Those that are quick on the uptake will soon realize the possibilities are endless. There are no limitations and affiliates can literally write their own check. All it takes is a desire to achieve financial independence, the ability to follow a clearly defined path and willingness to help homeless cats and dogs. We recognize the achievements of our top affiliates to encourage others. By all means strive to knock these successful affiliates off their perch…


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Live your life!

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Live your life!


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