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PAWSynergy - Glad!Our mission is to help rescued dogs and cats around the globe, by creating Unity and fostering Community. We recruit, educate and motivate Affiliates to generate residual Revenue for themselves, while at the same time drawing more attention to rescued pets. The objective is to create synergy. We also facilitate training workshops and networking Events worldwide. The goal is to liberate animal shelters and help speed up the adoption process…

An EMPTY shelter is a GOOD one. YOU can help make that happen!


UnityThere are many causes and initiatives, around the world, dedicated to helping rescued animals. All with a common goal, but not necessarily working together. Imagine… if we combine all that effort and pull in the same general direction, with the ultimate goal of speeding up animal adoptions. By orchestrating our activities we can achieve so much more, without losing individuality and independence. PAWSynergy is the catalyst.


The CommunityPAWSynergy is a gathering of like-minded people who share a common interest in helping our paw-legged friends. By using the global reach of the Internet and the social networks, we provide a platform for constructive interaction and productive collaboration. Using cutting edge technology, social media, blogs and discussion forums, members are encouraged to mingle socially and network professionally. Capitalism + commerce = cash!


Affiliate commissionsWe operate a standard one tier affiliate program and compensate affiliates for sending referrals to the PAWSynergy websites. Using a suite of tools and resources, which affiliates can also use in their own business and/or personal projects. Anyone can participate… no matter where in the world you are, or what you do for a living. Every user account automatically includes an affiliate ID. Our affiliates are generally animal lovers and pet owner, keen to earn money and secure a better financial future for themselves.



Residual revenueMoney makes the world go round. Animal shelters constantly have big bills to contend with and funding is always a pressing issue, with donations usually the main source of revenue. The problem is that… donations are drying up! Many folks simply do not have spare disposable income to give any more. PAWSynergy is about thinking outside the box. An alternative to shaking tins.

  • Cash RegisterCharity begins at the cash register.
  • We DO NOT accept any donations.
  • PAWSynergy is a FOR PROFIT initiative.
  • We GENERATE residual revenue for everyone.

Show me how!

As they saying goes… "Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime". We show individuals, companies and organizations how to make money and generate residual revenue. Money they can spend on their own needs. The training is free and blended into easy-to-follow, point and click tutorials, with customized guides looking at things from YOUR point of view.


Networking SocialsWe facilitate both online and offline events around the world. Interested parties can participate in online webinars, attend introductory sessions, make use of advanced workshops and benefit from networking socials. These events are gatherings of like-minded individuals who can exchange ideas, learn from each other, team up and work towards a common goal…

If UCARE, PAWSynergy can be your mission too.
Help give homeless cats and dogs a better…



What is PAWSynergy?

What is this all about?PAWSynergy is a global, for profit initiative to help rescued pets around the world. We do not take any donations. We believe charity begins at the cash register… and break with the convention of begging for money to sustain animal shelters. Instead, we use affiliate programs, performance marketing, social media and other traditional channels to generate residual revenue. The resulting traffic is directed to various adoption websites that give homeless cats and dogs around the world a PAWSecondChance!

Why are we doing this?

Why are we doing this?Take a walk through any shelter and you will be met with many pleading eyes. Some of the dogs and cats have been there for a very, very long time. Quite often these long stays end in tragedy. Not all shelters are pro-life. That means euthanasia is their eventual ticket out of there. The lack of money and space is what necessitates this drastic action. Sadness that can be avoided with enough money to feed them…. and space. An empty shelter is a good one. The adoption process has to be speeded up. That is what PAWSynergy is all about. We generate residual revenue to allow animal shelters to function… and drive traffic to the various adoption websites. Only with a concerted effort can we hope to get ahead of the constant wave of rescued pets. While it may seem to be an impossible task, there is always hope…. and by creating more PAWSynergy…. we magnify that hope…

“Better to light a candle for one lost dog than to curse the darkness,
of man’s indifference. Saving just one dog won’t change the world,
but it surely will change the world for that one dog.” – Richard C. Call

Who is involved?

Who is involved?Proactive individuals from all walks of life, around the world… have come together to create more PAWSynergy. Like-minded people who care about the welfare of our paw-legged friends. They don’t just talk about the plight of rescued pets, but actually DO something about it. Using their skills, time and effort to seamlessly integrate PAWSynergy into their own personal projects and business ventures. These people are making a difference…

Where is it happening?

Global initiativePAWSynergy is primarily an online initiative with global reach. It’s universal, apolitical and completely transparent. Most of what we do is on the Internet and we utilize the latest tools/technologies to reach a worldwide audience. Everything is accessible through the community portal with links to external resources and partners. Of course we have a strong terrestrial presence by way of all our supporters, the shelters we work with and the events we facilitate.

How does it work?

CogsThinking outside the box, PAWSynergy has a different approach to generating revenue. Using a suite of tools and resources, combined with the proven effectiveness of affiliate marketing, we’ve engineered something quite unique. It’s point and click simple. No technical skills need, nothing to sell nor support, with a clear mission that motivates everyone. No matter where you are in the world, what you do for a living, you can do this…

We’d like to present…

PresentationsPAWSynergy is unique, innovative and comprehensive. To get the message across, we need presentations that stand out, focus attention and make the penny drop. Our audience is global, multi-cultural and diverse. We’re constantly working on ways to spotlight our efforts and widen the circle. These presentations can also be used by our affiliates to create more PAWSynergy. We welcome new ideas and methods for illustrating what PAWSynergy is all about. The floor is always open for talking heads, digital gurus and video production wizards to help reflect what we do. Talk to us…

Who are the top affiliates?

Top AffiliatesWe offer individuals and companies an easy way to earn extra money. Those that are quick on the uptake will soon realize the possibilities are endless. There are no limitations and affiliates can literally write their own check. All it takes is a desire to achieve financial independence, the ability to follow a clearly defined path and willingness to help homeless cats and dogs. We recognize the achievements of our top affiliates to encourage others. By all means strive to knock these successful affiliates off their perch…

The Reporting Suite…

Reporting SuiteWe subscribe to the theory that if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. PAWSynergy is all about harnessing the collective productivity of many individuals, companies and organizations around the world. A mission that can only be accomplished with meticulous reporting. Accurate analysis and meaningful metrics, gleaned from technologically harvested analytics, allow us to produce a range of reports that make sense. More importantly, these stats mean money. Information that we can present to our members, affiliates and commercial partners.

Follow our footprints…

Our FootprintsOur success is measured by our progress, achievements and results. We document everything we do as best we can. Mostly on social networking and certainly on YouTube. Video is the most powerful visual media and we upload stuff to our channel on a regular basis. It serves to document our activities and establish a track record. Working together we can leave a long-lasting legacy and example for others to follow.

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