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The Presentations

The Presentations…

PresentationsPAWSynergy is unique, innovative and comprehensive. To get the message across, we need presentations that stand out, focus attention and make the penny drop. Our audience is global, multi-cultural and diverse. We’re constantly working on ways to spotlight our efforts and widen the circle. These presentations can also be used by our affiliates to create more PAWSynergy. We welcome new ideas and methods for illustrating what PAWSynergy is all about. The floor is always open for talking heads, digital gurus and video production wizards to help reflect what we do. Talk to us…

Wet Paint

Beta Alert! Please note that PAWSynergy is a constant work in progress. We are adding content on a daily basis. In the meantime, the affiliate program is fully functional. Everything is tracking OK and you will get paid. What’s more, traffic is already flowing to the various websites that will give homeless cats and dogs a PAWSecondChance.

There is no time like the present. Let’s grow together!

We putting some presentations together. Once ready,
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Tools & Resources  Global A-Z Directory
Tools & Resources  Animal Shelters WorldWide
Tools & Resources  Lost~Found~Adopt Database
Tools & Resources  Local Supporters Network
Tools & Resources  Value Add Partners Index
Tools & Resources  Event Venues Catalogue
1  Creating Synergy
2  Get The Guides
3  Put Up The PAW
4  Wear The Message
5  Spread The Word
6  Earn More Money
7  Attend Events


General Overview…


Tools & Resources…

PAWSynergy - Tools & Resources     Video in production… (7 minutes)

Global A-Z Directory

Directory     Video in production… (1 minute)

Animal Shelters WorldWide Map

The World     Video in production… (1 minute)

Lost~Found~Adopt Database

Lost, Found, Adopt     Video in production… (1 minute)

Local Supporters Network

Supporters Network     Video in production… (1 minute)

Value Add Partners Index

Partners     Video in production… (1 minute)

Event Venues Catalogue

Events     Video in production… (1 minute)



PAWSecondChance     Video in production… (3 minutes)


Seven Steps To PAWSynergy…

How can you get involved?     Video in production… (7 minutes)

Creating Synergy

Creating Synergy     Video in production… (1 minute)

Get The Guides

The Guide     Video in production… (1 minute)

Put Up The PAW

Put up the PAW     Video in production… (1 minute)

Wear The Message

Gear     Video in production… (1 minute)

Spread The Word

Spread the word     Video in production… (1 minute)

Earn More Money

Cash     Video in production… (1 minute)

Attend Events

Events     Video in production… (1 minute)


The Events & Networking…

Networking Socials     Video in production… (6 minutes)


PAWSynergy From YOUR Perspective…


Video in production… (12 minutes)


You care about the welfare of animals

Animal Lovers     Video in production… (1 minute)

Keen to make some extra money online

Making money     Video in production… (1 minute)

Students/scholars in need of pocket money

Student Debt     Video in production… (1 minute)

Stay-at-home parents looking for easy work

Stay at home mums     Video in production… (1 minute)

Anyone seeking a job/regular employment

Job seekers     Video in production… (1 minute)

People with jobs, but need a second income

Broke business people     Video in production… (1 minute)

Business owners looking for additional revenue

Revenue StreamsYour Cash     Video in production… (1 minute)

Super affiliates interesting in consistent earnings

Super affiliates     Video in production… (1 minute)

Retired folks who still have a lot left to give back

Retirees     Video in production… (1 minute)

Shelters that need to get residual revenue flowing

Shelter Managers     Video in production… (1 minute)

Anyone keen to learn advanced affiliate marketing

Advanced Affiliate Marketing     Video in production… (1 minute)

Shelter management staff looking for better solutions

Help these dogs!   Help these cats!

Video in production… (1 minute)



Reporting Suite

Reporting SuiteWe subscribe to the theory that if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. PAWSynergy is all about harnessing the collective productivity of many individuals, companies and organizations around the world. A mission that can only be accomplished with meticulous reporting. Accurate analysis and meaningful metrics, gleaned from technologically harvested analytics, allow us to produce a range of reports that make sense. More importantly, these stats mean money. Information that we can present to our members, affiliates and commercial partners.

PAWSynergy Portal