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EventsWhile PAWSynergy is primarily an online initiative, there is great value in face-to-face meetings, workshops and networking in person. We do not neglect this and go out of our way to make it happen. Events include online webinars, introductory sessions, advanced workshops, leadership training and social functions. Productive networking is key way to foster unity, create community and attract members. We look forward to seeing you!

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CalendarEvents are spread liberally throughout the year, in different locations around the world. To make it easy for everyone to attend, we favour evenings and weekends. Members are encouraged to propose dates and venues for consideration. PAWSynergy is global, but we focus on keeping things local. Click here to find events near you!

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Eventbrite AffiliatesWe use the automated services of Eventbrite. You can quickly find and register for any event. Attendees are kept abreast of things leading up to the event via email. Another cool benefit of using Eventbrite is their in-built affiliate program. Hence users can effectively get discounted tickets, as well as MAKE money from registering and then spreading the word. See how you can attend for free.

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Online Webinars

Online WebinarsNo matter where in the world you are, as long as there is adequate Internet connection, the PAWSynergy message can be seen, heard, absorbed and easily digested. Apart from live webinars, we also record presentations from initiation sessions, advanced workshops, leadership training and make the videos available online. The recordings are accessed in the Members Zone, 24/7 at your leisure.

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Introductory Sessions

Introductory SessionsThe purpose of these sessions is to introduce folks to PAWSynergy. We dive right in and show attendees how they can help homeless cats and dogs, while making money for themselves. It’s very easy and no special skills are required. Attendees are requested to bring a laptop/tablet and working email address. We provide good Internet access and instruction. The objective is to get tangible results… right there on the same day.

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Advanced Workshops

Advanced WorkshopsOnce the penny has dropped and you like the sound of it, you’ll want to hear that ka-ching over and over again. This advanced workshop is for those who want to raise their game and make a REAL difference. All you need do is roll up your sleeves a bit higher and wind up the clock somewhat tighter. It’s a very hands-on session. Everything happens in the classroom on the day… then sit back and watch your efforts transform into revenue.

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Leadership Training

Leadership TrainingTo spread the love, we recruit capable people to take charge of events around the world. These are people who have the charisma to coach others in a positive and constructive manner. Experienced presenters with good communication skills and proven ability to lead from the front. Anyone with a PAWSynergy track record and training can become a pack leader.

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Networking Socials

Networking SocialsThese informal gatherings are a great way to make business and social connections. Meet and greet like-minded individuals who really want to make a difference when it comes to rescued pets. Everyone is welcome to attend and there is no work involved. We are all about compassion, capitalism and commerce, so bring your best networking skills and lots of business cards!

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Who Should Attend?

Who should attend?Everyone is welcome. No matter your cultural background, age, occupation or personal mission in life. As long as you want to help our paw-legged friends and make money doing so, you qualify. PAWSynergy appeals primarily to animal lovers and those wishing to secure a better financial future. We cater specifically to students/scholars, stay-at-home-parents, job seekers, employed (but always broke), business owners, super affiliates, retired folks and shelter managers. Come on down!

Anyone really. Be you a postman or a president, the chances are you dig dogs and have a passion for pussycats. You care about the welfare of your own pets and have empathy for pets that don’t have forever homes. You have an itch to get off your butt…and help do something about it. Here’s the kicker. You have just found this site and realize that PAWSynergy is a great way to work together and help our paw-legged friends. No special skills required. Just bring your heart, a laptop/tablet and a finger to tap on some links!

Still not convinced that PAWSynergy is for you? Read through the paragraphs below and place yourself. The chances are you fit in several of the scenarios. Don’t be shy, step up to the plate and help us create PAWSynergy!

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Attend For FREE

Affiliate ProgramThe purpose of facilitating these events is to introduce as many people as possible to PAWSynergy, not to make money. The primary goal is to plant the seeds of success and make sure users come away with a clear vision, healthy appetite for extra cash. That means unbridled enthusiasm to create more PAWSynergy. The cost of attending should not be a barrier to entry. For that reason we make it affordable. In fact, you can zero the cost by simply inviting people to attend events. The Eventbrite affiliate program is really easy to use and all you have to do is spread the word.

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What To Bring

What to bring?To get the most out of every event, we suggest that all attendees come well prepared. We make that easy by guiding you to the right stuff, before making the pilgrimage. From the moment you register, we start with the planning. Everything from helping you create a private email address should you not have one, to providing shopping links to the right stuff. Our goal is to have a class of students 100% ready and focused on the job at hand, right from the minute they step into the event workshop.

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The Venues

EventsThe criteria used when selecting our event venues is quite simple. It must be a place where we could easily live permanently and work from efficiently. Quality facilities with adequate broadband is a given. Attendees must be comfortable, adequately looked after and happy. Every event must be fun, purposeful and productive. When delegates (reluctantly) leave, it must be with good memories of the venue… and a wealth of content takeaways.

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Highlands Country House roomsThe venues we use have comfortable accommodation. It’s important that delegates are fresh and ready to absorb information on the day, so a good nights sleep is advisable. If attending from out of town, consider arriving the day before. More importantly, if staying for the social networking and drinks, play it safe and book a room. Please don’t drink and drive!

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Courtesy Services

Courtesty ServicesWe don’t make money out of the events. Everything is ploughed into making the occasion a productive and unforgettable experience. Your expenses are kept to a minimum and our job is to provide the maximum. Therefore delegates can look forward to most things delivered on a plate, literally. Free food, drinks, WiFi and more…

The whole experience has to be a pleasant one. Everything is prepared for you and the emphasis is on making it a special day. We go out of our way to make sure everything is done just right. Where we can’t do it ourselves, we outsource to the professionals. They may also be drawn from our Value Add Partners and therefore even more motivated to make sure it’s done right. Here’s a hint of what you can expect…

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Summary of Step 7

CheckIf you have attended an event, or intend to, the buzz there is palpable. We think the reason is that animal lovers generate natural warmth. Good people exude good vibes and animals feel this too. While learning about PAWSynergy is the main objective of our events, there is so much more to be gained. We really do encourage a wide spectrum of conversation and networking. We don’t mind at all if attendees sing the praises of their own products and services. All within reason of course. We hope to see you at the next event in your area!


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