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Creating Synergy

3   Creating Synergy…

Creating Synergy

This is the quickest way to get familiar with all the cools tools and resources. Your time is well spent, as everything you do here, can benefit your projects as well. Each tool is designed to direct traffic to the PAWSynergy portal and ultimately reach the websites that give homeless cats and dogs a PAWSecondChance. Earn while you learn how to create more PAWSynergy…

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Work your way though these resources…




  • A central feed for all pet adoption websites.
  • Animal shelters around the world can list pets.
  • Prospective owners can search for pets locally.
  • Everyone is encouraged to promote this resource.
  • Help generate more traffic to speed up adoptions.

   …to explore this resource!


Global A-Z Directory

  • Find animal rescue related causes around the world.Directory
  • Add all the causes that you know of and/or support.
  • Add your own organization, cause, initiative or project.
  • Share directory listings using the social share icons/links.
  • Promote individual causes as well as the directory itself.

   …to add to the directory!


Animal Shelters WorldWide Map

  • Find shelters and foster homes using the search options.The World
  • Locate shelters, vets, foster homes in your local vicinity.
  • Add any shelters, vets, foster homes you may know of.
  • Favourite/Share/Promote the shelters, vet, foster homes.
  • Please tell others of this Map and encourage adoption.

   …to add local shelters!


Lost~Found~Adopt Database

  • Look for lost pets using the location-based search.Lost, Found, Adopt
  • Add pets you have found to this real-time resource.
  • Use the share features to publicize any and all listings.
  • Change the listing to "Adopt" if the pet is unclaimed.
  • Tell others about this lost~found~adopt resource.

   …to share the database!


Local Supporters Network

  • Add yourself/family to this global users directory.Supporters
  • Find like-minded people in your neighbourhood.
  • See where there are local meetings and events.
  • Feel free to promote your products and services.
  • Please encourage others to join this cool community.

   …to add yourself!


Value Add Partners Index

  • Find deals and discounts from PAWSynergy partners.Partners
  • Support companies/merchants who are animal friendly.
  • Add your own company, business, products & services.
  • Work with us to encourage vibrant business networking.
  • Pease tell others about this great source for good deals.

   … to add our business!


Event Venues Catalogue

  • Find great venues for your business/private function.Events
  • Add good venues that you may know of or support.
  • Attend PAWSynergy events happening at these venues.
  • Arrange your own PAWSocials as these establishments.
  • Please promote these venues to friends and colleagues.

   … to add venues to the catalogue!

Summary of Step 1

CheckConsidering that you have registered for all of the above tools and resources, you are now in the PAWSynergy loop. It will make you aware of the causes and initiatives related to animal welfare. Joining the community puts you in touch with like-minded individuals and attending events means superb opportunities to network. Feel free to promote your own products and services. Lastly, be sure to use the lost and found database. If you want a new pet or know of someone who does, steer them in the right direction to adopt, not shop!


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2     Get the guides…

The Guide

Everyone has a different perspective. Your reasons for being here may depend on particular circumstances. We have adapted the action steps with that in mind and prepared several different views for your convenience. You can approach PAWSynergy from any… or all the views for that matter, described in these detailed guides…

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