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Earn More Money

6   Earn More Money…

CashBy now you will have seen how effective creating more PAWSynergy can be. Your stats will show that this actually works and your bank balance probably reflects that. At this point your enthusiasm for making more money online with affiliate programs should be ignited and we’d like to stoke the fire. We guide you towards other opportunities that will also produce a good results. Consider these suggestions and increase your earnings… while at the same time helping homeless cats and dogs worldwide!

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More ways to earn money…

Your ResultsSuccess with PAWSynergy is what you make of it. Some prefer just to lend a helping hand to speed up the adoption process, while others are keen on the financial aspects. Money makes the world go round and there is no shame in setting your sights on raking in more money. Your success is our success and we pave the way for you to…


Raise your game…

MembersAnyone can register online for a complimentary user account to access the portal. There you will find a comprehensive suite of tools and resources. All users are automatically assigned an affiliate ID and are welcome to participate in our affiliate program. Your unique affiliate ID is embedded into the content of the Seven Steps To PAWSynergy. Everyone, including free user accounts, start racking up commissions right from the start. Progress can be monitored in real-time. It does not take long for users to see results and mathematics soon dictates that paid membership yields higher returns. There are several paid membership options and it’s easy to upgrade. Thereafter, members can login to the Members Zone… enjoy all the benefits of membership and upgrade accordingly…

Shelter ManagersOf course, there is no charge to bona fide animal rescue shelters qualifying for the PAWShelter option.

Your Membership Makes Cents!

Cash RegisterAs soon as you see PAWSynergy is working for you, it makes more cents (literally) to consider one of the paid monthly subscriptions. Membership starts as low as $1 per month. These nominal fees will more than likely come out of your affiliate commissions anyway. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Compare the membership options and consider upgrading accordingly. There are no obligations, contracts nor catches. Membership fees are covered by a 45-day money-back guarantee…



PartnersPartner with us…

Astute business owners will realize the advantages of being a part of PAWSynergy. We collaborate with pro-active partners to bring quality products and services to our members. The Value Add Partners Index grows continuously and increases the member benefits exponentially, while creating exposure and sales for our partners. It’s a win-win collaboration and economic core of our membership options. Submit your listing here.


Residual revenueJoin affiliate programs…

We derive our a good deal of our income from revenue sharing initiatives. With over 20 years experience in affiliate marketing, we generally know what works. Our members are encouraged to participate in the very same affiliate programs that we exploit to generate residual revenue. Here are a few working examples…

Zazzle Store

ZazzleWe have selected Zazzle as our merchandising partner. Mostly because of the quality goods and worldwide delivery footprint. The other consideration was a supplier that understands the revenue share business model. The Zazzle Affiliate Program fits in well with PAWSynergy. Not only do our affiliates get a 15% commission on the sales of all our branded goods, you can earn commissions on the entire catalogue of goods manufactured by Zazzle. Sign up with Zazzle…


Eventbrite AffiliatesOur registration processing partner of choice is Eventbrite. We’ve integrated the Eventbrite Affiliate Program into our event management and registration. We offer a 10% commission on the attendee referrals made by you. These referrals and commissions are tracked, monitored and managed by Eventbrite. We encourage you to sign up though PAWSynergy…


ProjectsParticipate in other projects…

PAWSynergy is part of an eco-system of projects. Unique initiatives that are designed to help individuals be more productive, give back to society and become financially independent.

Please explore and benefit from…

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Summary of Step 6

CheckRegardless of the reasons for you participating here, even a cursory interest in PAWSynergy will have generated some cash for you. Success is addictive and a healthy bank balance does no harm. Once you see just how easy it can be to generate a second income here, the tendency is to look towards other affiliate programs that can yield the same results. We point our members in the right direction and coach you accordingly.


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7     Attend Events…

EventsWhile PAWSynergy is primarily an online initiative, there is great value in face-to-face meetings, workshops and networking in person. We do not neglect this and go out of our way to make it happen. Events include online webinars, introductory sessions, advanced workshops, leadership training and social functions. Productive networking is key way to foster unity, create community and attract members. We look forward to seeing you!

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