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Wear The Message

4   Wear The Message…


One of the easiest ways to attract attention, is to wear something noticeable. We make available a wide variety of branded goods for you to acquire and exploit. Everything from tantalizing t-shirts, cool coffee mugs to goodies for your pets. You name it, we supply it, right to your door. All merchandise is professionally manufactured and efficiently distributed by Zazzle, a household name and reliable partner to get our stuff out to customers all over the world. Apart from using these cool items yourself, we also reward you with a 15% commission on all sales referred through you. It really cannot be easier to earn some money, while at the same time increasing PAWSynergy visibility.

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On Your Person

The cheapest way to flaunt PAWSynergy is with a round or square button. If you need to be more discreet, get a sophisticated lapel pin. Compliment that with a matching watch

Round Button

Square Button

Lapel Pin

Vintage Watch



Clothing For Guys

Wear a casual t-shirt or upscale polo shirt. Go tank top when it’s warm and keep a hoodie handy for cooler climes. These are just a few examples of a comprehensive men’s range.


Polo Shirt

Tank Top




Clothing For Gals

Ladies can look stylish in a wide range of clothing. Choose from casual t-shirts, polo shirts, eye-catching ladies leggings and a variety of hoodies to accompany almost everything.


Polo Shirts





Clothing For Kids

Active children get around quite a bit. Make use of that mobility to spread the word about PAWSynergy. There are t-shirts and hoodies for boys, also t-shirts and hoodies for girls.

T-Shirt Boys

Hoodie Boys

T-Shirt Girls

Hoodie Girls



Cool Stuff For Infants

An infants in a pram tends to attract attention. That "Kootchy koo!" could start a conversation about the PAWSynergy creepers, pacifiers, t-shirts and cool baby bibs.

Baby Creeper

Baby Pacifier

Baby T-Shirt

Baby Bib



Pamper Your Pets

Don’t forget they get cold too. If you are going to dress up your pet, may as well make it a conversation piece. Check out the cute t-shirts, tags, tank tops and various pet bowls.

Dog T-Shirt

Dog Tag

Pet Tank Top

Pet Bowl



Garnish The Chef

Make a statement in the kitchen and/or around the BBQ. Wear an apron and use a branded towel. Don’t forget a matching cap and there’s a eye-catching shopping tote.


Kitchen Towel

Trucker Hat

Tote Bag



Bring Out The Bling

Choose from a wide variety of quality jewelery and other eye-catching items. There is a selection of necklaces, cute cufflinks and terrible ties. Remember: The gaudier the better!

Square Necklace

Round Necklace





Protect Your Gadgets

These are especially catchy in offices, meeting rooms and anywhere you use your gadgets. Sleeves for your laptop, tablet, cases and pouches for phones. Most brands/sizes available. 

Laptop Sleeve

Phone Case

iPad Mini Sleeve

Phone Pouch



Label Your Luggage & Pimp Your Ride

Put a tag on your luggage for easy identification. Make your car stand out from the crowd with a bumper sticker, flashy window decal and a personalized PAWSynergy license plate.

Luggage Tag

Bumper Sticker

LED Window Decal

License Plate


Summary of Step 4

CheckAssuming that you wisely invested in some/all of this gear, please go ahead and flaunt it. The products are designed to attract attention and when they do, simply point them in the direction of Needless to say, make sure they have your PAWSerial # and access the website with that number. This will allow us to track your referrals. Use your imagination and you will uncover many ways to use this stuff to promote PAWSynergy. In Step 5 we detail a few basic ideas, but don’t stop there. Keep an eye on the ever evolving PAWShop.


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5     Spread The Word…

Spread the wordThe more effort you put into spreading the word, the higher the rewards. To that end, we provide a whole host of tools and utilities. While the focus is on social media, we exploit a variety of marketplaces. Combining these with the latest technologies to make everything point and click simple, as well as track everything in real time. We don’t stop at the doing things online. We also use the traditional channels and proven old school marketing methods to spread the word. Switch on your megaphone and make some noise!

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