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This is for you...Here are all the tools, resources, products and services to create more PAWSynergy. Use for your own business and personal projects. Everything here is relevant in some way and/or can be used in conjunction with what you already do. Your success is our success, so feel free to use the content as you wish. At the end of the day… everything helps create more PAWSynergy!

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Beta Alert! Please note that PAWSynergy is a constant work in progress. We are adding content on a daily basis. In the meantime, the affiliate program is fully functional. Everything is tracking OK and you will get paid. What’s more, traffic is already flowing to the various websites that will give homeless cats and dogs a PAWSecondChance.

There is no time like the present. Let’s grow together!

About PAWSynergy

PAWSynergyPAWSynergy is a global initiative with local effectiveness. Once you understand our mission, it becomes clear as to what we do and why we exist. PAWSynergy is not a company, but rather a collective of people who make it all possible. Using a variety of ways to reach animal lovers all over the world, we generally appeal to those wishing to build a better financial future for themselves, while at the same time helping homeless cats and dogs find home. To understand how it works, please absorb the various presentations, follow our footprints and emulate successful affiliates. Of course, feel free to use all the the tools and resources at your disposal to help create more PAWSynergy. We welcome your active participation here.

Herby Olschewski

I look forward to working with you!

Herby Olschewski

Founder & CEO

The Presentations

PresentationsPAWSynergy is unique, innovative and comprehensive. To get the message across, we need presentations that stand out, focus attention and make the penny drop. Our audience is global, multi-cultural and diverse. We’re constantly working on ways to spotlight our efforts and widen the circle. These presentations can also be used by our affiliates to create more PAWSynergy. We welcome new ideas and methods for illustrating what PAWSynergy is all about. The floor is always open for talking heads, digital gurus and video production wizards to help reflect what we do. Talk to us…

Reporting Suite

Reporting SuiteWe subscribe to the theory that if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. PAWSynergy is all about harnessing the collective productivity of many individuals, companies and organizations around the world. A mission that can only be accomplished with meticulous reporting. Accurate analysis and meaningful metrics, gleaned from technologically harvested analytics, allow us to produce a range of reports that make sense. More importantly, these stats mean money. Information that we can present to our members, affiliates and commercial partners.

Our Footprints

Our FootprintsOur success is measured by our progress, achievements and results. We document everything we do as best we can. Mostly on social networking and certainly on YouTube. Video is the most powerful visual media and we upload stuff to our channel on a regular basis. It serves to document our activities and establish a track record. Working together we can leave a long-lasting legacy and example for others to follow. Please step this way…

Members Zone

MembersPlease explore the Members Zone and make use of various products and services. Access is free, with content made available according to your membership option. Most of the benefits, products and services are integrated into the Seven Steps To Synergy. This allows our members to make the best use of their time and effort creating more PAWSynergy. Important to note is that all the products and services are designed to be used to further your OWN business and personal projects. Members are more than welcome to copy the methods and techniques we use. This comprehensive suite of tools and resources is regularly augmented and kept up to date. We use the latest and greatest technologies, while at the same time incorporating traditional marketing methods and channels. PAWSynergy is a comprehensive, unique initiative that revolves around giving all our valued members the ability to make more money!

My Account

My AccountEveryone is welcome to a create an account. It’s free to join and there is no charge to use all the basic tools and resources. Please familiarize yourself with the terms of service and read the disclaimer. Your data is safe. We adhere to a strict privacy policy. Thanks for keeping your details current…

Membership Options

MembersAnyone can register online for a complimentary, no strings attached user account to access the portal. There you will find a comprehensive suite of tools and resources. All users are automatically assigned an affiliate ID and are welcome to participate in our affiliate program. Your unique affiliate ID is embedded into the content of the Seven Steps To PAWSynergy. Everyone, including free user accounts, start racking up commissions right from the start. Progress can be monitored in real-time. It does not take long for users to see results and mathematics soon dictates that paid membership yields higher returns. There are several paid membership options and it’s easy to upgrade. Thereafter, members can login to the Members Zone… enjoy all the benefits of membership and upgrade accordingly…

Shelter ManagersOf course, there is no charge to bona fide animal
rescue shelters qualifying for the PAWShelter option.


Your Membership Makes Cents!

Cash RegisterAs soon as you see PAWSynergy is working for you, it makes more cents (literally) to consider one of the paid monthly subscriptions. Membership starts as low as $1 per month. These nominal fees will more than likely come out of your affiliate commissions anyway. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Compare the membership options and consider upgrading accordingly. There are no obligations, contracts nor catches. Membership fees are covered by the PayPal 45-day money-back guarantee…


Affiliate Program

PAWSynergy - Affiliate ProgramThe monetary core of PAWSynergy is our unique affiliate program. We use performance marketing to motivate affiliates into helping spread the word. Your efforts increase our membership base. That’s how we generate revenue to sustain operations and compensate affiliates. Money which you can spend on whatever you wish, while we use our share of the profits to help homeless animals, by driving traffic to PAWSecondChance. There is no cost to join the affiliate program. We provide free training, keep track of all your stats and commissions in real-time. Commissions are paid via PayPal, at least twice per month. While participation in the affiliate program is free, the compensation percentage is linked to your membership option. The upgrade path is structured in such a way, that you never have to pay membership fees out of your own pocket. PAWSynergy is a profitable BUSINESS opportunity and we coach you to treat it as such. Your success is our success and we help make it so…



PAWSynergy - Your Affiliate StatsEvery PAWSynergy user account is automatically allocated an affiliate ID. We refer to it as your PAWSerial number. Participation in our affiliate program is free and without obligation. We share a percentage of our revenue (even free account holders) in return for your help in spreading the word. There is nothing to buy, sell or support. No technical skills required. All you need is an email address and PayPal account. Simply follow the Seven Steps To PAWSynergy. Your PAWSerial # is already included everywhere. All you have to do is point and click. Done. Then sit back, monitor your referrals (in real-time) and watch the commissions accumulate!

Your PAWSerial # is tracked in real-time…

PAWSynergy uses sophisticated tracking technology. Affiliates can login at any time to see their referrals and commissions. The affiliates area is also where the coded links, graphics, marketing material and training videos can be found. Please upgrade to the option you feel comfortable with, before actioning the Seven Steps To Synergy, as the resulting income can be significantly more…

Anyone can do this… using these tools and resources…

PAWSynergy - Tools & Resources

The Mind Map

Mind MapPAWSynergy is unique. To put everything into perspective, we make available the original mind map. This mental blueprint outlines what PAWSynergy is all about. It’s a living document, updated in real-time, as and when we adapt to the future. The map illustrates how we stay on the cutting edge and utilize the latest technology. The tools and resources are directly accessible via the online mind map.

Our Community

CommunityThe nucleus of PAWSynergy is the people. Fur-friendly folks who care about the welfare of homeless cats and dogs around the globe. Using various tools and resources, we work together to make the world a better place for pets. No matter where in the world and what you do for a living, our community comprises of people from all walks of life. The common denominators is a love for animals and understanding of the importance of residual income. Unity is strength and we are getting stronger by the day. Come and join us…

Global A-Z Directory

DirectoryThe directory is a central database of organizations and causes that care about the welfare of rescued animals. The purpose is to provide a quality resource for everyone to easily find and interact with these entities. Anyone can contribute to the directory and submit listings via the dashboard. Our goal is to make this directory a principle resource for initiatives related to rescued cats and dogs around the world. Find and/or add listings here…

Animal Shelters WorldWide Map

The WorldThis interactive graphical map, plots the locations of animal shelters around the world. With the use of the latest geolocation technology and Google Maps, anyone can use this tool to find the nearest animal shelter. The purpose of this resource is to make it easier for prospective parents to find pets. Of course we always encourage folks not to shop, but rather adopt. Please add your local animal shelter to this map…

Lost~Found~Adopt Database

Lost, Found, AdoptWe help owners looking for lost pets, advertise animals that have been found, and put up homeless animals for adoption. By using the latest technologies and accuracy of geolocation software, we make it easier for folks to be re-united with their pets. This database helps cats and dogs that are permanently lost, to find another good home. Thanks for using this resource and spreading the word about these needy animals…

Local Supporters Network

SupportersWhile we think global, our members are local. Like-minded folks are encouraged to map their location and interact with others. Social and business networking are key elements of PAWSynergy and we encourage people to advertise, collaborate and ultimately work together. The common denominator should be a love of animals and desire to improve the situation for homeless cats and dogs in their respective areas. Meet folks near you…

Value Add Partners Index

PartnersPAWSynergy is a substantial undertaking and we cannot do this alone. Many good companies have stepped up to the plate and participate. This index holds their details and we encourage our members to consider using the products and services of our partners wherever possible. The added value further justifies the modest membership fees, while PAWSynergy facilitates a cost-effective advertising platform for our commercially astute partners…

Event Venues Catalogue


PAWSynergy facilitates events all over the world: Introductory Sessions, Advanced Workshops, Leadership Training and Social Networking. Of course we only wish to use quality establishments and this catalogue depicts those venues. Quite often the proprietors are PAWSynergy members as well. Hence, we encourage all our members to consider using the same venues for their own events and functions. Find and/or list your establishments…

Functions & Events

Networking SocialsWhile we live in a global online village, we are essentially all social creatures that like to meet and interact in person. Our events are intended for those who appreciate that bonds are better formed when in the physical presence of others. The Internet/Web is a marvellous auditorium, but some people prefer to absorb new information in the old-fashioned classroom. Show & Tell is still the way to go. Of course, there’s the networking. It is usually better to meeting face to face whenever possible. Prospective business relationships are best forged with a physical handshake. We have taken all this into account and formulated several productive event formats. It’s all very easy and we guide you every step of the way. No need to take any notes to the workshops, as we actually get it done right there and then. Just bring along your laptop/tablet and willingness to learn! We hope to see you sometime soon…

PAWSynergy - Join us!

Let’s work together to give them a second chance…

PAWSecondChanceEverything we do is focused on speeding up the adoption process and helping homeless cats and dogs find forever homes….faster! All the tools and resources integrated into the Seven Steps To PAWSynergy are designed to send visitors to PAWSecondChance…. a website that amalgamates all the data feeds from popular adoption websites. We also show animal shelters around the world how to implement the necessary systems to advertise their adoption candidates and give cats and dogs a PAWSecondChance. The more PAWSynergy we create, the more attention is focused on the plight of rescued pets stuck in shelters. An empty shelter is a GOOD one. YOU can help make it so!

How you can help…

Creating Synergy

The Tutorials

On demand video trainingCreating PAWSynergy is meant to be effortless. No technical nor special skills required. We supply easy-to-read tutorials that illustrate the goals and steps needed to get there. Follow the instructions diligently and your results are guaranteed. The online tutorials are constantly revised and honed on the server, to take advantage of the latest social media trends and technology waves. All you have to do is point and click through the various steps.

Seven Steps To PAWSynergy

PAWSynergy - Creating SynergyThis not about charity and we never ask for donations. We believe that charity begins at the cash register. Money makes the world go around and we reward our affiliates for helping create more PAWSynergy. It’s easily done with various tools and resources, integrated into the Seven Steps To PAWSynergy. If you can read, move a mouse and click on a link, you are halfway there. All you need is Internet access and the basic ability to use social media. How can you get involved?To understand more, take the tour and action this simple point-and-click exercise. There are no skills required, except to follow the steps diligently. Failure is unlikely. Even with just a small degree of success, positive results will lead to more motivation. Raise your game, increase activity and thereafter the sky is the limit! Your success is our success…

We look at PAWSynergy from YOUR point of view…

Animal LoversMaking moneyStudent DebtStay at home mumsJob seekersBroke business peopleRevenue StreamsSuper affiliatesRetirees

The Guides

The GuidesGet your easy-to-follow, concise and to-the-point guides with step-by-step instructions. All you have to do is point and click. Simply figure out which of the guides are best suited to you. Everyone has a different perspective of the same cause. Your reasons for being here may depend on particular circumstances. We have adapted PAWSynergy with that in mind and prepared several different views for your convenience.

Business Cards

Basic Business Card

PAWSynergy can be your business and we encourage our affiliates to treat it as such. Like any professional, you need to present your credentials. We supply generic, advanced and personalized business cards which can be downloaded and printed locally. These files can also be personalized with your name and most importantly, your PAWSerial Number. While printing to your printer is the cheapest option, the digital graphics are print-ready for larger runs at your nearest print shop. Either way, you have business cards at your finger tips.

Leaflets & Flyers

Flyer - FrontWe supply various flyers and leaflets for general distribution. A selection of effective messages printed on your own printer and/or mass produced by your local print shop. Simply download, print, add your PAWSerial number and cut accordingly. The files are PDF, so you can digitally add your PAWSerial number before printing. All files are provided in both A4 and Letter size.

Placards & Posters

PosterWe supply posters for you to put up everywhere. A selection of eye-catching messages printed on your own printer and/or mass produced by your local print shop. Simply download, print, add your PAWSerial number and cut accordingly. The files are PDF, so you can digitally add your PAWSerial number before printing. All files are provided in both A4 and Letter size. Each poster includes a row of tear-off slips at the bottom. The posters can also be numbered and listed on the Local Supporters Network, it keep track of their conversion efficiency. We welcome poster design contributions from around the world. Please feel free to submit your ideas via the support channels.


AppsThere’s an app for that. We source interesting mobile apps and make those available to our members. If there are licensing fees applicable, we negotiate group discounts and deals. Quite often developers will make apps available at no cost. There is always something interesting on offer and we make every effort to garner the very best. The apps are not necessarily pet related, but cover a wide range of topics and applications. Feel free to use the apps in your day to day life. We keep the apps coming!


eBooksWe research and stock a library of digital publications that cover a wide range of topics. Interesting reads that are generally geared towards helping our members stay informed, improve productivity and educate themselves.  Mostly in PDF format and instantly accessible via Dropbox. Simply download, store and read at your convenience. No complicated codes to access and/or locking mechanisms. The library is constantly growing and we welcome contributions from other members.


ServicesWe use a wide range of services to make PAWSynergy happen… and only select the best. Inevitably we build up a relationship with the provider and more often than not, they are also PAWSynergy members. Obviously that fosters a good relationship. Invariably the service is then made available to our members, in some shape or form. Of course, if the provider has an affiliate program, that works nicely for everyone concerned. We are constantly researching new services and fellow members are welcome to submit theirs for consideration.


ProductsOur membership consists of people from all walks of life. Many are creators, manufacturers and/or vendors of a wide variety of products. These may appeal to our members and we encourage members to cross-pollinate, barter, share and sometimes… simply give. We are the catalyst for that marketing spirit, advertising and generosity. A product sample, shared with members, may very well become an avalanche of sales. It’s all about getting your message out there. If you are only at the receiving end, thanks for sharing your experiences with the products. Enjoy the goodies!


SoftwareWe source software applications for our own use, but also for the benefit of our members. Once we’ve researched, tried and test the software, we cut deals with the authors. If there are licensing fees applicable, we negotiate group discounts and deals. Quite often developers will make applications available at no cost. There is always something interesting on offer and we make every effort to garner the very best. The software is not necessarily pet related, but cover a wide range of topics and applications.


GraphicsA picture paints a thousand words. We source and make available a wide variety of royalty free graphics and artwork. Stuff we’ve purchased the distribution rights for, to use here at PAWSynergy… as well as grant usage rights to our members. Feel free to use these graphics for your own projects, products and services. We regularly freshen up our own websites, so there is a constant supply of new material. Our members can save quite a bit on purchasing publishing rights, as well as have peace of mind about copyright issues. Get access to a regular supply of professionally produced graphics.


TemplatesTime is money and there is no sense in recreating the wheel. We source a selection of templates for members to use in their own business and projects. A broad range of topics, subjects and formats… covering every need imaginable. If it’s out there, we’ll find it. Our mission is to keep our members well fed on a diet of useful material. A happy member is a paying member. Hence, you can rest assured there will always be well fresh templates to increase productivity. Besides, the more successful you are with your project and/or business, the more PAWSynergy is created. Feel free to tap into this resource and build a better business… faster!


CoursewareLearning is the key to productivity, success and progress. We empower our members with a digital library of courses that cover many different subjects. This informative material can be downloaded and used at your convenience. We encourage our members to learn, grow and prosper. Your success means more PAWSynergy… and we go out of our way to help make it so. The courseware library is arguably our most important resource. Knowledge is power and our members are the force that propels the PAWSynergy initiative. We spare no expense in sourcing the best training materials we can find. No subject stone will remain unturned… we’ll find something to interest and benefit you.



Discounts!We all like a bargain. Getting a good discount, wherever we can find it, is a key member benefit. We’ve got to make your membership fee worthwhile… and give back more than you give us. Easily done if you consider that other members are very keen to get their products and services seen, used and purchased. There is no shortage of great deals, super rebates and cool deals. All we do is put them all together and get them to you without delay. What’s more, there is always something new, useful and often revolutionary. PAWSynergy is a great springboard for new product launches… with associated early bird discounts and first-mover rewards.



Prizes & GiveawaysMany of our partners participate in PAWSynergy for the marketing exposure. Also, giving stuff away is a way of saying "Thank You", to those helping to create more PAWSynergy. Whatever, the reason for the prize and/or product giveaway, our members are happy to be at the receiving end. There is a constant stream of swag… all members have to do is get themselves in position to receive. Yes, there is marketing involved, but we screen and approve every offering.


More content on the way…

Member Benefits NotificationTo receive priority updates as and when content is added here, please subscribe using the online form below. You can leave the list at any time, without affecting your membership. Get in the loop and we’ll let you know…

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Explore the Members Zone…

All the content is integrated into the Members Zone, segmented into the relevant membership options. There is an introduction for new users and tutorial, as well as links to all the various member benefits. Users are encouraged to visit often as we are constantly adding stuff. Thanks for keeping your account details up to date…


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