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Introductory Sessions

Introductory Sessions…

Introductory SessionsThe purpose of these sessions is to introduce folks to PAWSynergy. We dive right in and show attendees how they can help homeless cats and dogs, while making money for themselves. It’s very easy and no special skills are required. Attendees are requested to bring a laptop/tablet and working email address. We provide good Internet access and instruction. The objective is to get tangible results… right there on the same day.

Agenda Summary…

What you will need

What to bring along…
What to bring?

Introductory Session Agenda…

AgendasHeld in carefully selected venues, these sessions are intended to get the PAWSynergy message across to those wishing to help homeless cats and dogs, while making money for themselves. The objective is to get results right there and then on the same day. It’s all very easy and no special skills are required. As long as you have Internet access, an email address, can steer a mouse and/or tap on a screen, come on down. It’s best to attend this session before the advanced workshop.


Conference BagAttendees are kindly requested to get there as early as possible. Come directly to the reception desk and hand in your bar-coded event ticket. It’s as easy as that and you are clocked in OK.


Goodie Bag…

Free SamplesPick up your event package which includes everything you need for this event. There’s also a bunch of stuff supplied by our partners. These are quality product samples and service discount vouchers from Value Add Partners. Anyone can become a partner and position their products and services at various events.


Coffee & Tea…

Coffee & TeaStart with an infusion of caffeine. This is where the networking kicks off. Identify your targets.

Get Connected…

BroadbandPAWSynergy is primarily an online initiative, devised by IT geeks, so fast Wi-Fi is a given. You will find connection details in your event pack. Depending on the size and location of the event, there may also be a support desk nearby. It’s imperative that you are online for the duration of the event, so please do make every effort to get hooked up to the network.


Social Media Logins…

It’s essential that you have working accounts with these social media networks:


Morning Session I


The origins of PAWSynergy, mission statement and how we intend to make a difference to the lives of homeless cats and dogs around the world.

PAWSynergy - The DetailsExecutive Overview

The why, what, who, where and how it all works. We touch on the concept of affiliate marketing and how our affiliates play a crucial part in spreading the word. Creating a community of ambassadors.

Mind MapThe PAWSynergy Mind Map

The PAWSynergy mind map is presented and dissected. Those familiar with the concept of mind mapping will appreciate this format. It’s the quickest way to explain how everything fits together. Once this mind map is imprinted, it’s all downhill from here. We’re ready to roll!


Coffee & Tea Break

Tea, Coffee & SnacksTake a quick break and cloakroom dash. This little luxury may be sponsored by a Value Add Partner, so be sure to check out the table display and get your freebies.


Morning Session II

CommunityOur Community

The nucleus of PAWSynergy is the people. We elaborate how we create unity and foster community with a comprehensive suite of tools:

Tools & Resources

Seven Steps To PAWSynergy

The PAWSynergy Guides


KnowledgebaseYour success is our success, so we go out of our way to share as much information as we can. The online knowledgebase is a dynamic repository that constantly grows over time and in accordance with the needs of users.

PAWSynergy - Help & SupportTraining & Support

We provide free training to our affiliates. In this session we explore the ways to access all the presentations, training aids and online tutorials. Of course we provide 24/7/365 support and help our members wherever we can.


Light Luncheon

Luncheon BuffetEnjoy a light lunch and opportunity to network. The luncheon may very well be sponsored by a Value Add Partner, so be prepared to listen to a presentation for a few minutes. A small price to pay. (There is no such thing as a free lunch.)


Afternoon Session III

CogsHow It Works

Time to consolidate all of the above and paint the picture of how it all works together. Users can start seeing how their own projects and/or businesses can benefit from the same concept.

Socialize YOUR brand!Social Media

By now it should be clear that social media plays a very important part in the way we propagate the PAWSynergy message. It should also be evident how you can use the same tools, methods and techniques.

Affiliate MarketingAffiliate Marketing

We elaborate on our affiliate program and pay for performance marketing. Revenue sharing is an economical and efficient way to market and sell any products or service.

Online MarketingYour Online Strategy

Affiliate marketing is not rocket science and should be one of the cornerstones of your own ecommerce platform. We discuss how you can implement and/or enhance your own revenue share. No need to re-invent the wheel.

Revenue StreamsAdditional Revenue Streams

PAWSynergy can easily be bolted onto ANY existing business to create additional revenue streams. We provide a few examples to get the mind racing on how to boost your income, with nothing to buy, stock, sell or support!


Coffee & Tea Break

Coffee & TeaTake a quick break and cloakroom dash. This little luxury may be sponsored by a Value Add Partner, so be sure to check out the table display and get your freebies.

Afternoon Session IV

Make Money OnlineOpportunity

PAWSynergy is an opportunity for everybody. Money makes the world go around and we can show you how we do it. Please feel free to copy.

Your affiliate stats!Technology

We show you how we use the latest and greatest products and services to manage PAWSynergy. The best way to find out is to earn while you learn.

Affiliate commissionsThe Incentive

  • FREE User = 1%
  • PAWStarter = 5%
  • PAWSupporter = 10%
  • PAWSerious = 20%
  • PAWSuper = 30%
  • PAWStalwart = 40%
  • PAWShelter = 50%

Residual revenueResidual Revenue

It’s all about creating a constant flow of cash. The more we help you make, the more we have at our disposal to help animal shelters around the world. Donations are drying up.

Why are we doing this?Why Are We Doing This…

We believe that charity begins at the cash register. Sitting around waiting for handouts is not doing the trick. Cats and dogs on death row don’t have time.

PAWSynergy looks at the problem differently. Our mission is to alleviate the financial pressure on animal shelters, by showing the managers how to generate residual revenue with ease.

More importantly, the goal is to speed up the adoption process. Time is of the essence for the animals that languish for years in cages.

An empty shelter is a good one!

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Membership levelsHow YOU can help…

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How YOU Can Help [MM_Member_Data name=’firstName’]…


Once you understand the modus operandi
of PAWSynergy, it should be a no-brainer
as to how you can help create more synergy.

While it’s completely FREE to participate in the affiliate program, the astute will soon see how things can scale up rapidly. We explore the membership options, which allow access to the member benefits in the members zone.

Questions & Answers

Questions & AnswersAll the events culminate with a questions and answers session. Attendees are encouraged to participate and dissect the presentations. This is a good time to consolidate all the information, collate the material and complete the picture. Please don’t hesitate to jump in and stir the pot. The event is meant to kick-start debate and carve a constructive path to implementing everything effectively.

Networking Activities

Time to unwind. Depending on the venue, we incorporate various activities to get the body moving and the blood flowing. This session is of course optional, but highly encouraged. Here’s a few tempting ideas:

  • Beach Walk
  • Swimming
  • Volleyball
  • Horse Riding
  • Sunset Cruise
  • Frisbee Tournament

If there are no activities available on the day, there is usually a networking social planned. These are separate events but all attendees are welcome to join in, mix and mingle with the new crop of participants. Be sure to bring your business cards and marketing material as these informal socials are designed to encourage productive networking. No need to hold back on promoting your own business, projects & dreams.

Cocktail Lounge

Horse Riding

Sunset Cruise

Mineral Baths

Networking Socials

Dinner & Networking

Evening DinnerThe evening finishes off with an optional dinner. These are not officially part of the event and it’s completely free-format. Some delegates call it a day, while others peel off into groups and do their own thing. There are rumours that some of these dinners develop into fairly serious parties.

Introductory Sessions…

Introductory SessionsOnce you have completed this session, please progress to the Advanced Workshops. Thereafter the Leadership Training is a natural progression. The Networking Socials are for one and all. It’s a good place to start, before deciding to attend a session, workshop or play a leadership role. You are sure to meet like-minded folks at all the events. It’s all about productive social and business networking!

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