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Leadership Training

Leadership Training…

Leadership TrainingTo spread the love, we recruit capable people to take charge of events around the world. These are people who have the charisma to coach others in a positive and constructive manner. Experienced presenters with good communication skills and proven ability to lead from the front. Anyone with a PAWSynergy track record and training can become a pack leader.

Agenda Summary…

What you will need

What to bring along…
What to bring?

Leadership Training Agenda…

AgendasWe can’t be everywhere at the same time. To spread the love, we recruit capable people to head up events around the world. These are top people who have the charisma to coach others in a positive and constructive manner. Experienced leaders with the proven ability to lead from the front and push the PAWSynergy frontier. Anyone can do this, given the right tools and material. It’s best to attend the introductory session as well as the advanced workshop before taking this task on.


Conference BagAttendees are kindly requested to get there as early as possible. Come directly to the reception desk and hand in your bar-coded event ticket. It’s as easy as that and you are clocked in OK.


Conference Bag…

Free SamplesPick up your event package which includes everything you need for this event. There’s also a bunch of stuff supplied by our partners. These are quality product samples and service discount vouchers from Value Add Partners. Anyone can become a partner and position their products and services at various events.


Coffee & Tea…

Coffee & TeaStart with an infusion of caffeine. This is where the networking kicks off. Identify your targets.

Get Connected…

BroadbandPAWSynergy is primarily an online initiative, devised by IT geeks, so fast Wi-Fi is a given. You will find connection details in your event pack. Depending on the size and location of the event, there may also be a support desk nearby. It’s imperative that you are online for the duration of the event, so please do make every effort to get hooked up to the network.


Social Media Logins…

It’s essential that you have working accounts with these social media networks:

Morning Session I



Welcome to the pinnacle of PAWSynergy training and how we mould the leadership. These are special, dedicated individuals.

Introductory SessionsIntroductory Session Recap

A brief recap of the Introductory Session to refresh and align our thinking for the day.

Advanced WorkshopsAdvanced Workshop Recap

Attendees are required to have attended the Advanced Workshop and will probably have been practicing PAWSynergy for quite a while.

Leadership TrainingLeadership Training Overview

PAWSynergy is an endeavour where many people are involved. Invariably there is a need for structured management, good management and strong leadership. This training session is the breeding ground for leaders of tomorrow.

Coffee & Tea Break

Tea, Coffee & SnacksTake a quick break and cloakroom dash. This little luxury may be sponsored by a Value Add Partner, so be sure to check out the table display and get your freebies.

Morning Session II


CommunityStand Out From The Crowd

Most people are content to be followers, while others have an instinct to move to the front and help navigate, define new courses and steer the ship into unknown territory. Pioneers in a sense.

Top AffiliatesTop 10 Affiliates Leader Board

Invariably people in this training session are on the honours role and have proven credentials. Not all are necessarily interested in managing other, but if you are, this is the place for you.

The Definition Of Success

Success!Success can be measured in different ways. To some it’s a money thing, while there are those that derive satisfaction from helping others. If you subscribe to both, then that’s great. Do what you love and the money will follow. Our job here is to show you the way.

Financial Incentives

CashTime is money and if we expect our leaders to help steer the ship, the task is well paid. The scale of remuneration is entirely defined by you. There are no fixed salaries and it is completely open-ended. The sky is the limit and we teach you how to fly high. Training to help you spread your wings and soar.

PAWShepherd For Sure

Why are we doing this?With the advantage of having a birds eye view, it’s easier to see the bigger picture. We should never lose sight of what we are trying to achieve. Helping our paw-legged friends stuck in animal shelters. Leaders sitting in this training session can play an important part in recruiting and managing affiliates. There’s also the option to help monitor the progress of all the animal shelters around the world, that have opted to be participating PAWShelters.


Light Luncheon

Luncheon BuffetEnjoy a light lunch and opportunity to network. The luncheon may very well be sponsored by a Value Add Partner, so be prepared to listen to a presentation for a few minutes. A small price to pay. (There is no such thing as a free lunch.)

Afternoon Session III

Self-Hosting Events

EventsWe discuss how local leaders can host their own meetings and events. All the necessary materials are supplied to make this possible.

Schedule Local Calendar

CalendarNaturally these events need to be coordinated into the online calendar of events. Local leaders are given access to the online interface to do this.

Regional Social Networking

Networking SocialsWe look towards pro-active people in all corners of the globe to facilitate networking events. This is easy to accomplish, given the right marketing tools.

Coffee & Tea Break

Coffee & TeaTake a quick break and cloakroom dash. This little luxury may be sponsored by a Value Add Partner, so be sure to check out the table display and get your freebies.

Afternoon Session IV

Individual Coaching

Show me how!Leaders may wish to work in their local area and help affiliates personally. We cover the basics of how to provide one-to-one training.

Special Interest Workgroups

Introductory SessionsWe encourage the formation of local interest groups. Naturally there needs to be someone to take the reigns with the local management. Needless to say, all affiliates that join through these channels are noted as being your referrals.

Regional Introductory Sessions

Advanced WorkshopsWorking on a broader scale we show leaders how to take on larger groups. We outline the process of putting on a big event and how we work together to pull it off successfully.

Regional Management Teams

The WorldMaking the circle even bigger requires us to think global, while working local. This only be done with knowledgeable people from those geographical locations. This is the time to put together those partnerships.

Questions & Answers

Questions & AnswersAll the events culminate with a questions and answers session. Attendees are encouraged to participate and dissect the presentations. This is a good time to consolidate all the information, collate the material and complete the picture. Please don’t hesitate to jump in and stir the pot. The event is meant to kick-start debate and carve a constructive path to implementing everything effectively.

Networking Activities

Time to unwind. Depending on the venue, we incorporate various activities to get the body moving and the blood flowing. This session is of course optional, but highly encouraged. Here’s a few tempting ideas:

  • Beach Walk
  • Swimming
  • Volleyball
  • Horse Riding
  • Sunset Cruise
  • Frisbee Tournament

If there are no activities available on the day, there is usually a networking social planned. These are separate events but all attendees are welcome to join in, mix and mingle with the new crop of participants. Be sure to bring your business cards and marketing material as these informal socials are designed to encourage productive networking. No need to hold back on promoting your own business, projects & dreams.

Cocktail Lounge

Horse Riding

Sunset Cruise

Mineral Baths

Networking Socials

Dinner & Networking

Evening DinnerThe evening finishes off with an optional dinner. These are not officially part of the event and it’s completely free-format. Some delegates call it a day, while others peel off into groups and do their own thing. There are rumours that some of these dinners develop into fairly serious parties.

Leadership Training…

Leadership TrainingThis is the way to go, once you have attended an Introductory Session and completed the Advanced Workshop. The Networking Socials are for one and all. It’s a good place to start, before deciding to attend a session, workshop or play a leadership role. You are sure to meet like-minded folks at all the events. It’s all about productive social and business networking!

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