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Affiliate ProgramOur events are primarily to show folks how to spread the word about PAWSynergy, NOT to make a profit. Your costs are kept to the barest minimum and tickets are priced to cover the venue and food. Even so, the fee may be out of reach for some. With that in mind we make it easy for delegates to negate the cost of their own seat, by simply encouraging others to come along. Eventbrite provides coded links to track your referrals and we will know exactly who attends due to your efforts. It’s all very easy and we show you how to get quick results.


   Pick up your Eventbrite links…Eventbrite Affiliates


MegaphoneAffiliate marketing is about making referrals in return for a commission. If you refer attendees to the events, you will receive a commission. All registered users get a 10% referral fee in cash. Participation in the affiliate program is FREE. There is NO need to upgrade your membership. This allows anyone to work their way to events, without having to part with money beforehand. All you have to do is get out there and encourage a few others to attend.

You only need to encourage
TEN people to attend and your seat is essentially paid for!

Find fellow attendees fast on Facebook!

Facebook FriendsThe chances are you will find quite a few people to join you by posting an invitation on your Facebook wall. We give you the text and link. Simply cut & paste that as a status update. It’s low key, personal and definitely NOT a commercial nor cheesy post. We don NOT do hype and SPAM is a taboo.

Every email you send out can work for you…

Email sigsAnother easy way to spread the word is add a line of text to your email signature. With every email you send out there’s a chance the recipient will click on the coded link and go through to the event information. If they register you will be credited 10% of the event registration fee.

Please Note: We have a very strict privacy policy and prohibit affiliates from sending out any random SPAM. Keep it professional at all times. We will show you the correct way to send out targeted emails and get positive results. Register now and we can get started right away…


We even cater for the skeptics…

Chicken & EggIf you feel you would rather check it out and first, BEFORE recommending anything to your circle of friends, no problem. Simply register and pay your way. Then, when you get there, we will work with you to get your money back. We take you step-by-step and work towards encouraging others to attend subsequent events. If it works for others, it can work for you. So, don’t hesitate and get yourself into the nearest classroom. A journey starts with the first click and it’s in our interest to make sure you complete the trip. Don’t miss the next boat


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Live your life!

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