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The Venues

The CloudPAWSynergy is primarily an online initiative. We operate in the cloud via a dedicated portal. Users can have access to the Members Zone where all the Online Webinars are streamed.

Local Events On The Ground

We do however appreciate the value of face-to-face meetings. For that purpose we facilitate various events around the globe. Introductory Sessions, Advanced Workshops, Leadership Training and Networking.

Classic Conferencing Facilities

Highlands Country HouseA selection of the finest places to stay in the most beautiful settings. We want to give attendees several reasons to make the pilgrimage. When they get there the venue must not disappoint. The bed must not squeak, the food must be fabulous and the urge to return instilled. People must leave with magic memories and speak highly of the experience. Future attendees come from referrals.

Located In Exotic Places

Monkey Valley ResortWe do not do boring. Most of the venues are situated in places that are well worth the trip, not only for the event. All work and no play? LIVING is the order of the day.

Interesting Things To Do

Great VenuesBring the whole family and make a vacation out of it. The event program is flexible and relaxed. Apart from the learning, productive networking is just as important and that’s best done outside the confines of a classroom.


The Event Venues Catalogue

EventsPlease see the directory of venues. If you have a special venue and wish to host an event and/or networking social, feel free to add the venue for consideration. We’d be happy to work with venue proprietors to bring PAWSynergy there.


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