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Chicken & Egg

PAWSynergy is over two years in the making and we’re now in the pre-launch phase.
While everything is functioning, the reason for the Beta period is to iron out the wrinkles,
add content to the Members Zone and pad out the Frequently Asked Questions section.
That emphasizes the chicken/egg situation best. We’ve got to get users into the system,
so that they can stress test things for us, ask questions and add more beef to the bone.

The most important thing is that the Affiliate Program is up and running. Users can start
earning money right off the bat. This offer is intended to entice people to take the plunge.

We’ll bump you one up from whatever option you choose, to the next option, at no cost.
That rate gets locked in for life. Should the membership fee increase in the future, it won’t
apply to you. Of course, the early adopters are rewarded for helping to kickstart the site.

Needless to say, the best bet is to go for PAWSuper and jump right to PAWStalwart,
without paying more. Your success is our success, so it’s important that you start seeing
results right away, during Beta. That’s the best time to make hay, before the masses arrive.


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