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MembersThere is no cost for this membership option. We don’t charge animal shelters anything whatsoever, for access to the user, starter, supporter, serious, super and stalwart benefits. It does not stop there. We work with willing shelter managers and take them through the PAWStrategy For Animal Shelters…

PAWShelter includes…

User | PAWStarter | PAWSupporter | PAWSerious | PAWSuper | PAWStalwart | Plus…

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     Affiliate Program = 50% Commissions!

Your commissions!There is no cost for this membership option. However, it’s reserved for bone fide shelters. Established animal rescue organizations with a proven track record and physical premises. We work directly with these shelters to help them generate revenue, instead of relying on charity and donations. Only shelters that are really committed and willing to work towards financial independence are welcomed here.

     Get Residual Revenue Flowing!

  • Animal rescue shelters have huge expenses to cover.Guide #10
  • Usually funds come from charity, grants and donations.
  • This database of donors can be put to even better use.
  • Show these people & companies a better way to help.
  • Work together to create more synergy for your shelter.
  • The goal is to set up a constant stream of residual funds.
  • Break the feast and famine cycle. Dogs like to eat daily.
  • All you have to do is take action and follow the steps.
  • We help every step of the way. Success guaranteed.
  • PAWSynergy can provide a solid financial foundation.

     PAWStrategy: The 4Paw Plan!

  • Guide #12Animal rescue shelters come in all shapes and sizes.
  • Managed by ordinary folks with extraordinary hearts.
  • Day to day shelter management is a complicated task.
  • Raising funds and making ends meet a huge challenge.
  • IT, veterinary, logistics, construction, office, marketing.
  • A complicated mixture of skills, tasks and responsibility.
  • Unfortunately there is no magic wand and/or strategy.
  • We’ve put together some guidelines to make it easier.
  • A collection of templates, tutorials, tools and utilities.
  • PAWSynergy helps speed up the adoption process!

     Events – Animal Parade

EventsPAWShelter members are welcome to set up a stall at events to display animals available for adoption. Of course, this would be subject to the particular venue. To start the process, please log a ticket.


AppsThere’s an app for that. We source interesting mobile apps and make those available to our members. If there are licensing fees applicable, we negotiate group discounts and deals. Quite often developers will make apps available at no cost. There is always something interesting on offer and we make every effort to garner the very best. The apps are not necessarily pet related, but cover a wide range of topics and applications. Feel free to use the apps in your day to day life. We keep the apps coming!


eBooksWe research and stock a library of digital publications that cover a wide range of topics. Interesting reads that are generally geared towards helping our members stay informed, improve productivity and educate themselves.  Mostly in PDF format and instantly accessible via Dropbox. Simply download, store and read at your convenience. No complicated codes to access and/or locking mechanisms. The library is constantly growing and we welcome contributions from other members.


ServicesWe use a wide range of services to make PAWSynergy happen… and only select the best. Inevitably we build up a relationship with the provider and more often than not, they are also PAWSynergy members. Obviously that fosters a good relationship. Invariably the service is then made available to our members, in some shape or form. Of course, if the provider has an affiliate program, that works nicely for everyone concerned. We are constantly researching new services and fellow members are welcome to submit theirs for consideration.


ProductsOur membership consists of people from all walks of life. Many are creators, manufacturers and/or vendors of a wide variety of products. These may appeal to our members and we encourage members to cross-pollinate, barter, share and sometimes… simply give. We are the catalyst for that marketing spirit, advertising and generosity. A product sample, shared with members, may very well become an avalanche of sales. It’s all about getting your message out there. If you are only at the receiving end, thanks for sharing your experiences with the products. Enjoy the goodies!


SoftwareWe source software applications for our own use, but also for the benefit of our members. Once we’ve researched, tried and test the software, we cut deals with the authors. If there are licensing fees applicable, we negotiate group discounts and deals. Quite often developers will make applications available at no cost. There is always something interesting on offer and we make every effort to garner the very best. The software is not necessarily pet related, but cover a wide range of topics and applications.


GraphicsA picture paints a thousand words. We source and make available a wide variety of royalty free graphics and artwork. Stuff we’ve purchased the distribution rights for, to use here at PAWSynergy… as well as grant usage rights to our members. Feel free to use these graphics for your own projects, products and services. We regularly freshen up our own websites, so there is a constant supply of new material. Our members can save quite a bit on purchasing publishing rights, as well as have peace of mind about copyright issues. Get access to a regular supply of professionally produced graphics.


TemplatesTime is money and there is no sense in recreating the wheel. We source a selection of templates for members to use in their own business and projects. A broad range of topics, subjects and formats… covering every need imaginable. If it’s out there, we’ll find it. Our mission is to keep our members well fed on a diet of useful material. A happy member is a paying member. Hence, you can rest assured there will always be well fresh templates to increase productivity. Besides, the more successful you are with your project and/or business, the more PAWSynergy is created. Feel free to tap into this resource and build a better business… faster!


CoursewareLearning is the key to productivity, success and progress. We empower our members with a digital library of courses that cover many different subjects. This informative material can be downloaded and used at your convenience. We encourage our members to learn, grow and prosper. Your success means more PAWSynergy… and we go out of our way to help make it so. The courseware library is arguably our most important resource. Knowledge is power and our members are the force that propels the PAWSynergy initiative. We spare no expense in sourcing the best training materials we can find. No subject stone will remain unturned… we’ll find something to interest and benefit you.


Discounts!We all like a bargain. Getting a good discount, wherever we can find it, is a key member benefit. We’ve got to make your membership fee worthwhile… and give back more than you give us. Easily done if you consider that other members are very keen to get their products and services seen, used and purchased. There is no shortage of great deals, super rebates and cool deals. All we do is put them all together and get them to you without delay. What’s more, there is always something new, useful and often revolutionary. PAWSynergy is a great springboard for new product launches… with associated early bird discounts and first-mover rewards.


Prizes & GiveawaysMany of our partners participate in PAWSynergy for the marketing exposure. Also, giving stuff away is a way of saying "Thank You", to those helping to create more PAWSynergy. Whatever, the reason for the prize and/or product giveaway, our members are happy to be at the receiving end. There is a constant stream of swag… all members have to do is get themselves in position to receive. Yes, there is marketing involved, but we screen and approve every offering.

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