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Future Hosting

Future HostingFuture Hosting

Provides scalable and powerful web servers, with a global network of secure data centers. A full range of services to cater for every hosting need, with 24/7 support in any time zone. Future Hosting has a worldwide footprint and effective Content Distribution Network, to ensure that websites are constantly available.

How do we use Future Hosting…

PAWSynergy was hatched on servers provided by Future Hosting. From development to production, we have not used anything else… and have no reason to switch. A solid foundation on which we can build with confidence and scale PAWSynergy up without restraints nor concerns. It’s our permanent web hosting home!

Why do we use Future Hosting?
  • Excellent support. Tickets are responded to in literally minutes.
  • Fully managed server support. We hardly have to touch a thing.
  • Transparent maintenance schedule and seamless upgrades.
  • Reasonable costs and good choice of upgrade paths.
  • Simply a great service and we’re totally satisfied.


What can Future Hosting do for our members?

We know that our members who need quality web hosting servers will get great service. Hence, we have no hesitation in recommending that you build your business on a web server provided by Future Hosting. If you require shared hosting for smaller websites, at distributed cost, Future Hosting has a sister company called Nexcess, which uses the same infrastructure. Go with Future Hosting for VPS, dedicated servers and a wider upgrade path.

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