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PAWSynergy - Tools & ResourcesPAWSynergy provides a comprehensive suite of tools and resources. Mostly developed in-house and designed to augment the good work already done by others around the world. We think globally and work locally. All the resources are free to use and there is no commercial intent whatsoever. Our goal is to help homeless animals around the world and speed up the adoption process. We encourage our members to make use of these tools to further their own projects. The end result is a wider audience and bigger catchment area. Dig into the toolbox!

   The Mind Map

Mind MapPAWSynergy is unique. To put everything into perspective, we make available the original mind map. This mental blueprint outlines what PAWSynergy is all about. It’s a living document, updated in real-time, as and when we adapt to the future. The map illustrates how we stay on the cutting edge and utilize the latest technology. The tools and resources are directly accessible via the online mind map.

   Our Community

CommunityThe nucleus of PAWSynergy is the people. Fur-friendly folks who care about the welfare of homeless cats and dogs around the globe. Using various tools and resources, we work together to make the world a better place for pets. No matter where in the world and what you do for a living, our community comprises of people from all walks of life. The common denominators is a love for animals and understanding of the importance of residual income. Unity is strength and we are getting stronger by the day. Come and join us…

   Global A-Z Directory

DirectoryThe directory is a central database of organizations and causes that care about the welfare of rescued animals. The purpose is to provide a quality resource for everyone to easily find and interact with these entities. Anyone can contribute to the directory and submit listings via the dashboard. Our goal is to make this directory a principle resource for initiatives related to rescued cats and dogs around the world. Find and/or add listings here…

   Animal Shelters WorldWide Map

The WorldThis interactive graphical map, plots the locations of animal shelters around the world. With the use of the latest geolocation technology and Google Maps, anyone can use this tool to find the nearest animal shelter. The purpose of this resource is to make it easier for prospective parents to find pets. Of course we always encourage folks not to shop, but rather adopt. Please add your local animal shelter to this map…

   Lost~Found~Adopt Database

Lost, Found, AdoptWe help owners looking for lost pets, advertise animals that have been found, and put up homeless animals for adoption. By using the latest technologies and accuracy of geolocation software, we make it easier for folks to be re-united with their pets. This database helps cats and dogs that are permanently lost, to find another good home. Thanks for using this resource and spreading the word about these needy animals…

   Local Supporters Network

SupportersWhile we think global, our members are local. Like-minded folks are encouraged to map their location and interact with others. Social and business networking are key elements of PAWSynergy and we encourage people to advertise, collaborate and ultimately work together. The common denominator should be a love of animals and desire to improve the situation for homeless cats and dogs in their respective areas. Meet folks near you…

   Value Add Partners Index

PartnersPAWSynergy is a substantial undertaking and we cannot do this alone. Many good companies have stepped up to the plate and participate. This index holds their details and we encourage our members to consider using the products and services of our partners wherever possible. The added value further justifies the modest membership fees, while PAWSynergy facilitates a cost-effective advertising platform for our commercially astute partners…

   Event Venues Catalogue


PAWSynergy facilitates events all over the world: Introductory Sessions, Advanced Workshops, Leadership Training and Social Networking. Of course we only wish to use quality establishments and this catalogue depicts those venues. Quite often the proprietors are PAWSynergy members as well. Hence, we encourage all our members to consider using the same venues for their own events and functions. Find and/or list your establishments…


PAWSecondChanceEverything we do is focused on speeding up the adoption process and helping homeless cats and dogs find forever homes….faster! All the tools and resources integrated into the Seven Steps To PAWSynergy are designed to send visitors to PAWSecondChance…. a website that amalgamates all the data feeds from popular adoption websites. We also show animal shelters around the world how to implement the necessary systems to advertise their adoption candidates and give cats and dogs a PAWSecondChance. The more PAWSynergy we create, the more attention is focused on the plight of rescued pets stuck in shelters. An empty shelter is a GOOD one. YOU can help make it so!

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All these Tools & Resources are FREE to use!

PAWSynergy - Tools & Resources

How best to use these tools?

PAWSynergy - Creating SynergyThis not about charity and we never ask for donations. We believe that charity begins at the cash register. Money makes the world go around and we reward our affiliates for helping create more PAWSynergy. It’s easily done with various tools and resources, integrated into the Seven Steps To PAWSynergy. If you can read, move a mouse and click on a link, you are halfway there. All you need is Internet access and the basic ability to use social media. How can you get involved?To understand more, take the tour and action this simple point-and-click exercise. There are no skills required, except to follow the steps diligently. Failure is unlikely. Even with just a small degree of success, positive results will lead to more motivation. Raise your game, increase activity and thereafter the sky is the limit! Your success is our success…

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