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The Community

CommunityThe nucleus of PAWSynergy is the people. Fur-friendly folks who care about the welfare of homeless cats and dogs around the globe. Using various tools and resources, we work together to make the world a better place for pets. No matter where in the world and what you do for a living, our community comprises of people from all walks of life. The common denominators is a love for animals and understanding of the importance of residual income. Unity is strength and we are getting stronger by the day. Come and join us…

   Follow the PAWSynergy Blog

PAWSynergy - Follow Our BlogWe’re one big family and familiarity is encouraged. Please say hello and tell us who you are and what you do. Productive networking is a huge factor in creating more PAWSynergy. Our blog is also the place to keep up to date with developments here. Subscribe to blog feed and follow our progress…

   Join the Forum Discussions

Forum DiscussionsHealthy discussion is a good platform for new ideas, sharing knowledge and building productive relationships. Our forums are readily available to those that are keen to participate, contribute and provide constructive criticism about the PAWSynergy initiative. Registration and comments are strictly moderated with no pseudonyms allowed. We are all real people here

   Find Local PAWSupporters

SupportersWhile we think global, our members are local. Like-minded folks are encouraged to map their location and interact with others. Social and business networking are key elements of PAWSynergy and we encourage people to advertise, collaborate and ultimately work together. The common denominator should be a love of animals and desire to improve the situation for homeless cats and dogs in their respective areas. Meet folks near you…

   Attend Events & Functions

Networking SocialsWhile we live in a global online village, we are essentially all social creatures that like to meet and interact in person. Our events are intended for those who appreciate that bonds are better formed when in the physical presence of others. The Internet/Web is a marvellous auditorium, but some people prefer to absorb new information in the old-fashioned classroom. Show & Tell is still the way to go. Of course, there’s the networking. It is usually better to meeting face to face whenever possible. Prospective business relationships are best forged with a physical handshake. We have taken all this into account and formulated several productive event formats. It’s all very easy and we guide you every step of the way. No need to take any notes to the workshops, as we actually get it done right there and then. Just bring along your laptop/tablet and willingness to learn! We hope to see you sometime soon…

   Use the Tools & Resources

PAWSynergy - Tools & ResourcesPAWSynergy provides a comprehensive suite of tools and resources. Mostly developed in-house and designed to augment the good work already done by others around the world. We think globally and work locally. All the resources are free to use and there is no commercial intent whatsoever. Our goal is to help homeless animals around the world and speed up the adoption process. We encourage our members to make use of these tools to further their own projects. The end result is a wider audience and bigger catchment area. Dig into the toolbox!

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Thank YOU for helping to create more PAWSynergy

Creating Synergy

Global A-Z Directory

DirectoryThe directory is a central database of organizations and causes that care about the welfare of rescued animals. The purpose is to provide a quality resource for everyone to easily find and interact with these entities. Anyone can contribute to the directory and submit listings via the dashboard. Our goal is to make this directory a principle resource for initiatives related to rescued cats and dogs around the world. Find and/or add listings here…

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