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PAWSecondChanceEverything we do is focused on speeding up the adoption process and helping homeless cats and dogs find forever homes….faster! All the tools and resources integrated into the Seven Steps To PAWSynergy are designed to send visitors to PAWSecondChance…. a website that amalgamates all the data feeds from popular adoption websites. We also show animal shelters around the world how to implement the necessary systems to advertise their adoption candidates and give cats and dogs a PAWSecondChance. The more PAWSynergy we create, the more attention is focused on the plight of rescued pets stuck in shelters. An empty shelter is a GOOD one. YOU can help make it so!

  • A global resource to help home rescued animals faster.

  • Find pets available for adoption in your immediate vicinity.

  • Search by zip/postal code and/or directly on various sites.

  • Feel free to share available pets to your social circles.

  • Thanks for help give these animals a second chance!


How can you get involved?

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Just do it PAWStranger!

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Help these cats!  Help these dogs!


How this resource fits into the bigger picture…

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